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Avanscoperta started with a walk from Campica base to the seaside, the first steps of a wider tour I would repeatedly do for seven days, increasingly widening the path.

Before arriving, the position of the base together with the train station of destination (Pisciotta-Palinuro) prepared me for a horizontal journey along the coast between these two towns. This simple trajectory quickly acquired a vertical and oblique dimension too, developing in a pilgrimage back and forth from two different sides of Cilento. On one side a breathtaking coastline and the typical Mediterranean summer mood brought by tourists in August; on the other olive trees, rocky hills hardly brought to farming and tight-knit communities looking at the sea from far and above. In the middle, the ever-so-changing groups inhabiting La Primula, the campsite we had our base in, for a week, two days, one night.

Aiming to document the atmosphere that a place is imbued with, the diverse stimuli, faces and natures that weave a place, rather than focusing on one specific subject can often bring to an erratic practice: synthesis between apparently irreconcilable aspects of a complex land was found in unexpected places and details. Sometimes, luckily, in the space of a frame; others through pairings and free association.

The series is therefore an attempt to order the spontaneous connections born from exploration, tracing a portrait of land and a landscape of faces.