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I am a photographer based between London and Venice.

Almost obsessively interested in the beauty of mundane objects, I work on photo stories and documentary series.

Through flattened perspective and tight crops I train the eye to digest everyday things a little differently, exploring themes such as sense of belonging, homesickness and our attachment to objects.

Most of my projects are linked together by an ongoing research that uses photography as a tool for emotional archaeology. I believe the camera is the perfect mediator to reconnect to places and people of my life; to my family, my loved ones, my hometown, my country.
I aim to use this same method and tools in the way I look at everything that is not part of my own history.

Iā€™m a member of Female Narratives, a female freelancers creative agency and collective.

ACT Studio collaborator producer.

Attended the MA Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion, UAL (2015/16) and the BA Visual Arts and Theatre in Venice, IUAV University.


Camilla Glorioso
camillaglorioso at gmail dot com