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‘Scenario’ is an ongoing project investigating tourism in Italy.
Visually inspired by vintage illustrated postcards and tourist boards advertising posters, the pictures aim to capture the same blissful atmosphere through light and colour; diverting at the same time the viewer’s attention to the mundane and frivolous.
Treating mostly anonymous characters and objects as bidimensional theatrical set elements, the images portray every tourist and none, sometimes every city and none, questioning the authenticity of the experiences framed, highlighting the stereotypes these scenes often conform to, but at the same time capturing their flat, postcard-like beauty.
This project is part of a wider research that uses photography as a tool for emotional archaeology and as a mediator to reconnect to places and people from my childhood; my hometown; my country. Within this body of work: ‘My Closest Friend’ (2018-2019) and ‘Familiar: Archivio Affettivo Siciliano’ (Nov 2019).

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