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The Court, zine 2020

The Court is an Art Deco estate part of the London Borough of Hackney. It is lovingly looked after by its Residents Association, which champions its history and traditions, organising regular gatherings every year and looking after its spaces and people.

Joining in at first as a mere viewer, after moving in one of the flats, I got captured by the extraordinarily serene and timeless atmosphere surrounding the central lawn.

As I explored the space and the pace of The Court, I got the chance to know its residents and some of their stories; I got support, I got to laugh and learn a lot and nurtured beautiful friendships along the way.

What started as a photographic curiosity for the ideal and stereotypical Britishness that I, as a foreigner, would perceive, has quickly become a memories album and a bittersweet celebration of a neighbourhood I thought couldn’t exist in a city like London.

This is, therefore, a short collection of shared moments with the people and spaces that have made my home in the past two years, and a thank you to those people and spaces.

March 2020, limited edition of 30