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July 2021 - Stills photographer for Parigi (mi manchi) by Thomas Costantin
watch the full video here

June 2021 - New interview out on Kathimerini, read the EN version here

April 2021 - Stills photographer for La Città si Svuota by Thomas Costantin
watch the full video here

April 2021 - Giada Storelli’s interview about Familiar: Archivio Affettivo Siciliano is online (italian only)

Nov 2020 - part of BBH Unsigned Class of 2020

July 2020 - Feature and interview on Public Offerings Ltd.

June 2020 - Il Ciolo selected for OpenWalls 2020, showing at Galerie Huit, Arles

June 2020 - new profile now online on EQUAL LENS

May 2020 - Scenario and interview out on WU Magazine

April 2020 - Scenario out now on C41 Magazine

April 2020 - Familiar, Archivio Affettivo Siciliano out now on Vogue.it

March 2020 - New zine ready! The Court, self-published, edition of 30

August 2019 - Portrait session with hairstylist Cher Savery and mua Michelle Dacillo

August 2019 - Documented Sanbrite Restaurant‘s kitchen brigade at work

August 2019 - new material for The Court project

August 2019 - Elite girls triptych

July 2019 - visual diary from Switzerland

June 2019 - new additions to the print limited editions

April 2019 - Portraits and event shots for Kelly Anna’s latest exhibition, ‘Her Art Thou’ at Protein Studios

Jan 2019 - Ruth Bouwmeester for TheOnes2Watch

Dec 2018 - My Closest Friend on Vogue.it

Nov 2018 - North London Untitled for Metal.eu

Nov 2018 - quick living room portrait session with Izzy @ The Hive


Oct 2018 - I went to Barcolana 2018 in Trieste with my family
and looked at my dad looking at the regata in awe

July 2018 - beauty project with Michelle Dacillo and Cher Savery

May 2018 - Scissorhands for Pigeons & Peacocks Anniversary Issue 

Feb 2018 - The More the Merrier for Metal.eu 

Nov 2017 - DJ Thomas Costantin for Metal.eu with styling by Riccardo Maria Chiacchio

Aug 2017 - followed my mum on her last day of work as a GP before retirement

Feb 2017 - personal project Raw Blush
experimenting with alternative printing and textures