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June 2022 - Followed Lucia Cantò’s Restrizioni Emotive exhibition opening for Una Boccata d’Arte

May 2022 - Still life series for Venetian brand Nouvellebag

April 2022 - Venezia FC’s Rain Capsule Collection


April 2022 - Followed Christie’s artworks installation at AMAN Venice for the opening week of Biennale Arte

January 2022 - Portraits of football legend Nani, shot on a glorious winter sunny morning for his debut with Venezia FC.

October 2021 - Portraits for Vogue Italia October issue, accompanying an article by Veronica Costanza Ward about L'Eredità delle Donne Festival, taking place in Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence at the end of the month. 

July 2021 - Stills photographer for Parigi (mi manchi) by Thomas Costantin
watch the full video here

June 2021 - New interview out on Kathimerini, read the EN version here

April 2021 - Stills photographer for La Città si Svuota by Thomas Costantin
watch the full video here

April 2021 - Giada Storelli’s interview about Familiar: Archivio Affettivo Siciliano is online (italian only)

Nov 2020 - part of BBH Unsigned Class of 2020

July 2020 - Feature and interview on Public Offerings Ltd.

June 2020 - Il Ciolo selected for OpenWalls 2020, showing at Galerie Huit, Arles

June 2020 - new profile now online on EQUAL LENS

May 2020 - Scenario and interview out on WU Magazine

April 2020 - Scenario out now on C41 Magazine

April 2020 - Familiar, Archivio Affettivo Siciliano out now on Vogue.it

March 2020 - New zine ready! The Court, self-published, edition of 30

August 2019 - Portrait session with hairstylist Cher Savery and mua Michelle Dacillo

August 2019 - Documented Sanbrite Restaurant‘s kitchen brigade at work

August 2019 - new material for The Court project

August 2019 - Elite girls triptych

July 2019 - visual diary from Switzerland

June 2019 - new additions to the print limited editions

April 2019 - Portraits and event shots for Kelly Anna’s latest exhibition, ‘Her Art Thou’ at Protein Studios

Jan 2019 - Ruth Bouwmeester for TheOnes2Watch

Dec 2018 - My Closest Friend on Vogue.it

Nov 2018 - North London Untitled for Metal.eu

Nov 2018 - quick living room portrait session with Izzy @ The Hive


Oct 2018 - I went to Barcolana 2018 in Trieste with my family
and looked at my dad looking at the regata in awe

July 2018 - beauty project with Michelle Dacillo and Cher Savery

May 2018 - Scissorhands for Pigeons & Peacocks Anniversary Issue 

Feb 2018 - The More the Merrier for Metal.eu 

Nov 2017 - DJ Thomas Costantin for Metal.eu with styling by Riccardo Maria Chiacchio

Aug 2017 - followed my mum on her last day of work as a GP before retirement

Feb 2017 - personal project Raw Blush
experimenting with alternative printing and textures