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Glass/scapes is a collaborative series between Camilla Glorioso, Anna Carniel and Prometheus_open food lab commissioned by Laguna B.

Taking a challenge posed by Prometheus_ with the project The Tidal Garden, the series aims to redefine the perception of the Lagoon establishing novel connection between its ecosystems, inhabitants and flora.

Re-interpreting Laguna B’s work, the series dives from the winter marshes into the glass as an object, challenging the perception of glass as a material and unpacking the steps that bring out the everyday object from this landscape.

The Lagoon, as well as the glass, is the result of the mediation between human activities and their environment, an ever shifting balance. The material can only be sourced when understood and shapes the place accordingly; the industry generates then both the product and the landscape, mirroring one into the other.

Photography and art direction: Camilla Glorioso

Set styling and art direction: Anna Carniel

Research, Texts and Calligraphy: Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun @ Prometheus_open food lab