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@ridottoresidenti started through a conversation about the Civic Museums in Venice and the decision, announced at the beginning on January 2021, to keep them closed until “tourists return in spring”.
In the most literal way the project starts therefore from the reduced, or in this case free, ticket that seem to have placed residents a step below tourists, not being paying visitors.

Since the start of the photo sessions, the ways and the language used to announce the closing of the Civic Museums until spring were what kept building the conversation with the subjects, bringing on the table some key topics: residentiality, the need for a new balance between tourists and citizens, the urgency to get new, basic services for people who live in town.
Ridotto Residenti becomes then also a dialogue about this constantly plummeting number of residents, about what needs to change and why now it’s time.

Among the recurring themes, in relation to the Civic Museums free tickets for residents, during the photo sessions the conversation moved towards who is not resident, and got stuck in a limbo between residents and tourists, those citizens including students, temporary and seasonal workers, and all the ones that by choice or not live in town but are not resident.